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Talent and passion extend beyond any geographic limitations. Your team is made up of professionals from all corners of the globe. Brought together in just days, your team is ready to work dynamically and expand without limits to build industry changing software, applications, and websites. Breakthrough ideas need the best talent and you'll find them at obodo.
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We're not just another freelancer marketplace, agency, or recruitment company. We won't charge you a placement or 'hiring fee' to work with an obodo IndiePro – ever.
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Each new community member application is subject to our seven-star talent vetting process and community assurance assessments.
  • Live Screening
  • ID & background verfication
  • Proficiency
  • DBS Checks
  • Live Screening
  • Personality Profiling
All performed industry professionals
Talent Experts
In-house talent acquisition that acts as part of your team is included in our costs. We consult with you on your needs and our experts help you pick the right IndiePro for the project.
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We’ve reimagined a new model for talented and dedicated developers and designers, by flipping the stale ‘gig economy’ it's head. We put the needs of our community at the forefront of everything we do.
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Obodo lets us benefit from incredible designers without any of the complications that come with a new hire
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