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Autosave for AWS
Elastio is the first backup-as-code platform designed for modern IT infrastructure.

Automated Intelligent Backup
Build into your CI/CD pipeline to automate data protection and recovery.

Lightning-Fast Recovery
Recover individual files and tables up to entire environments in minutes.

Cyber Resilience
Built-in intelligent ransomware and malware detection features assure that your latest recovery point is secure.

Backups that secure and protect your data with one CLI command, API call, or click.

Use the elastio backup platform for all of your data assets in AWS. Backup and protect at the same time with built-in ransomware detection. Use from the command line or integrate into your deployment processes.

Backup and Recover Anything
Files, directories, streams, EC2, EBS, RDS databases, with rapid, stress-free recoveries. More coming soon...
Hyper-efficient Storage
Backups live in your account and are secured, compressed and deduplicated, reducing costs by over 80% over AWS snapshots.
Ransomware and malware detection
Scans all block backups for vulnerabilities with support for over 1000 known types of ransomware. Never become a victim to ransomware again.
Designed for DevOps
The command line utility allows for scripting of backups, automation, and deployment pipeline integration - set it and forget it!
Control access to backups using native AWS access controls and specify precisely which backups can be used by whom.
Real-time support 24x7
Supported directly by our developers - we are with you every step of the way!
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