$50 per month/TB
$1000 per month/UNLIMITED
Enjoy the 1st TB on us 🎉

Creating an Elastio instance for your organization is free, and doesn’t require a credit card. All instances include 1TB of data under protection for free forever. Since Elastio runs in your AWS account, you only pay for your own resource usage. Elastio doesn’t mark up AWS costs and pass them on to you. Data protected beyond 1TB is $50/TB/mo, prorated to the byte, billed in arrears based on consumption just like you’re used to with AWS.

Data under protection is measured as the size of the protected instance/VM/container/machine, EBS volumes, databases, and files, at the time the backup is taken, without taking into account dedupe or compression. In each billing cycle we measure the high water mark when the total size of data under protection was largest, and use that to compute the cost for that month.

If you know how big your critical data are, then you know how much it will cost to protect that data with Elastio. No games, no “call for pricing”, no high-pressure time-limited trials with aggressive sales reps, no complex sizing guides, and no confusing credits to buy.

Pricing Sample
Total backed up storage for the month Monthly consumption fee

5TB - 1TB (Free) = 5TB consumed.
5TB * $50 = $250.00

>25TB $1000.00
4TB + Free 1TB
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9TB + Free 1TB
>25TB + Free 1TB
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