Elastio Autosave for AWS.
  • Protect your data from deployment mistakes, user errors, and malicious actors.
  • Robust scanning of block based backups protects against 1200 known types of ransomware.
  • Your data is encrypted, secured, and stored in your AWS account. It never leaves your control.
Elastio protects you from downtime and ransomware
  • Your data resides in your AWS account and within your network. It never leaves your control.
  • Your data is always encrypted. Backups are immutable and can be isolated from your production accounts.
  • Ransomware detection ensures that your data is safe from threats.
  • Ransomware Detection
  • Block, File, Database Backups
  • Block, File, Database, Recoveries
  • Volume Mounts
  • Replication

Encryption, Deduplication, Data Retention

Scale-out/Scale-to-Zero Spot Compute

Your data is secured here

Backup everything with a single API call or CLI command
  • Backup and restore files, directories, EC2 instances, RDS tables, and EBS volumes in seconds.
  • Agentless option or use the Elastio agent for better RPO with support for Windows, Linux, or MacOS [with CLI].
  • Easily integrate Elastio into deployments and make or rewind changes.
Scale up, scale out and scale to zero
  • Performance scales on demand for faster recoveries with better RTO’s and RPO’s.
  • Cloud-native architecture integrates directly with how you use AWS so you can treat backups as code and API calls.
  • Data reduction with built-in compression and deduplication reduces storage costs by 80% over AWS snapshots.
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